August 15, 2015



While nationally, youth homicide and crime rates are down, homicide remains the number one killer for African American males ages 15-19.  If we continue on that pace, Black Men will continue to be an endangered species.

The Dare To Be King Project (DTBK) curriculum was developed by David Miller (Chief Visionary Officer) of the Urban Leadership Institute.  Lamar Shields is the current CEO of the organization.

Without adult input, it is difficult for youth to develop the emotional literacy and social skills to deal with conflict in a constructive way. CWAE will use the curriculum to decrease violence and its impact on our young men, families, schools, and communities. The curriculum provides the resources needed for teaching, coaching, and modeling alternatives to violence.

The curriculum is a comprehensive program to create resilient teens through addressing the following areas:
-Self Learning, Motivation, Concentration, Responsibility, Confidence, Independence (Being different)

The goal of the program is to also build on the following two areas:
(1) Enhance social and survival skills among African-American males being socialized in war-like conditions
(2) Provide strategies to encourage African American males to understand and cope with anger.