August 15, 2015


The Cornel West Academy of Excellence (CWAE) is a small grass roots non-profit organization named after the renowned Princeton University Professor Dr. Cornel West.  The organization was started to address many of the needs of minority male students in the 2nd – 5th grade.  The academy works to address various issues affecting young boys. Academics, Self-Esteem, Strategic and Critical Thinking, and Philanthropy are key areas  that will be addressed. The academy currently provides its services young minority male students ranging from the 2nd thru 5th grade from Wake County.  The program is open to young men from surrounding counties.  The academy is not a school but a youth leadership and educational enrichment program.

The academy will use innovative programs and curriculums to challenge the young men and to raise their academic achievements. To improve the students’ comprehension and writing skills, the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program (H.E.L.P.) is a literacy program that uses Hip-Hop music lyrics to capture and hold the attentions of students. The program meets all the standards of the National Education Association. To improve critical thinking, self-esteem, and cognitive skills, the academy will form the Sankofa Chess Club. The club will serve as the foundation for the students to learn and compete at the game of chess. Studies have shown that chess increases student achievement and thinking skills. The club will work towards participating in local and statewide chess tournaments. The Dare To Be King Mentoring program will be used to help the young men deal with violence and other emotional issues affecting them. The mentoring program will serve as an anti-gang, anti-gun, and anti-violence prevention tool. The Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence (SETCLAE) curriculum will be used to teach the boys the positive aspects of their cultural heritage and simultaneously increase their self-esteem and their desire to excel.

*Dr. West endorses and allows the use of his name and likeness.  He has no business ties or official affiliation with the organization. We are proud and thankful that he supports the work being done in the lives of young black and brown boys.

Become a Volunteer Contact or call 919-210-3516.