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Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence (SETCLAE) is a model curriculum that provides a mechanism through which educators, youth workers, and parents can teach their children the positive aspects of their cultural heritage and simultaneously increase their self-esteem and their desire to excel.

-To improve the academic achievement of those students no reaching their fullest potential.
-To instill in youth self-determination and effort which is the best way to measure academic achievement.
-To transmit racial pride and enhance the students' knowledge of culture and history and its significance to temporary living.
-To improve discipline and school atmosphere.

How will the GOALS be met?
-By conducting in-service training for educators and parents on:
       Self-Esteem,  Teacher expectations, School climate
-Maximizing academic achievement
-By measuring students' self-esteem at the onset of the program using a self-esteem pre-test and after completion of the lesson plans with a post-test.
-By providing lesson plans to be used to enhance the students' knowledge of African and African American culture and history.
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